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DT9 Drying Tumbler Controller with Humidity Sensing #2

DT9 Drying Tumbler Controller with Humidity Sensing

DT9 Controller is equipped with most precise Humidity sensor. Its major benefit is huge energy savings in terms of electricity expenses as when we constantly monitor the humidity in the fabrics of different type which makes it possible to end the drying process Automatically the moment its reaches the set Humidity level in fabric. All fabrics require different Drying times which is impossible to feed every time but once we sense the humidity level it is controller automatically by the DT9 Controller. DT9 also protects from over drying of clothes due to which clothes like towels/ cottons becomes rough. Well in DT9 we can leave some moisture in the clothes so that they remain smooth always.

DT9 comes with 20 built in user editable programs which makes possible to have different settings for different types of clothes. There are Feather touch backlight buttons for indication of running processes. There is also provision of Steam before drying process which can be enabled / Disabled as per one’s requirement. There is a separate relay for cool down process so that one can operate anything using this command during cool down time. Very easy password based menu system is there for editing the set parameters as per one’s needs. Jumbo display for easy readout of all the settings and running parameters.