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Company Profile

Established in year 1996 our company provides complete electronic product development services and product manufacturing. We specialize in the field of Industrial Automation. We have collaborated with leading top rated Indian Companies and our products are exported all over the world. Complete product development in less than 90 days time. Rugged Products through strong research & development. In house PCB Designing, software & hardware development so no dependencies.

best-selling products

Our Products

DT9 Controller is equipped with most precise Humidity sensor. Its major benefit is huge energy savings in terms of electricity expenses as when we constantly monitor the humidity in the fabrics of different type which makes it possible to end the drying process Automatically the moment its reaches the set Humidity level in fabric. 

State of the art controller for Calendar Machines/ Flat Work Ironer Machine with features like Digital Temperature Controller up to 200 Degree Centigrade, User Adjustable Temperature and Digital Speed Settings, In Built Variable Frequency Drive Interface for Speed Control, Finger Guard Sensing

State of the art Washer Extractor Controller for Industrial Washer
Extractors with features like Digital Temperature Controller,
Reversing Timer, Etc.

This product is used in MTO/PERC Based Fabric Dry Cleaning Machine. It has Digital Level Controller, Timers, Digital to Analog Converter for Driving a Variable Frequency Drive Directly for Controlling of Basket Speed, It is very user friendly even a layman who has no knowledge of PLC/HMI can operate it without any difficulty.